Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Word ownership is a tricky business. Companies like Kraft, McDonalds and Nike regularly copyright coloquial phrases like "just do it" or "I'm lovin' it", immediately imbuing them with unoriginal connotation. Our language is permanently altered (and the alteration is protected by law). The revealed religions (that is the big 3: Christianity, Judaism and Islam) should do the same.

Words with particular meaning for the Big 3 should be copyrighted to protect their over use and dilution. In fact, if they had done so for "marriage" all the conflict over "gay marriage" could've been avoided. (No one was really using "gay" when the homosexual community grabbed it...)

Other words I propose are:
Jesus Christ
...And many more.

In this fashion, these words can avoid the cultural tainting they are subjected to and their "true" meaning protected by those who care.

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