Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4 kinds of officer

I listened to Stewart Brand on CBC Ideas the other day and he mentioned that when he was an officer in the US military his trainers held the belief that there were 4 kinds of officers. I found it very interesting.

From best to worst:

Brilliant and Lazy

Brilliant and Industrious

Lazy and Stupid

Industrious and Stupid

I loved how "Brilliant and Lazy" was better than "Brilliant and Industrious". He said you needed someone to come up with the best ideas that required the least amount of resources and therefore he's "... striven to be lazy ever since."


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

recipes for success - professional development

After two days at a professional development forum I am reminded of yet another recipe for success, take the time to for professional development.  

While we regularly have opportunities to improve our skills for our job, we also need to take the time to improve our overall person and see out opportunities to stretch ourselves. We need to be reminded that working with people, data, information, concepts, etc is something that is always changing and improving. We need to hear and read how other people think so we can reflect on how we think about the same things. 

After we take the time to develop ourselves we then need to share that information with others to further develop ourselves and contribute to the same of others. 

I will try to write more and at to this but I wanted to share this before I forgot.