Sunday, October 30, 2016


I see the world as a division of life split into categories of entertainment, health/wellness, income sources, family/friends, social/community and our extra. Each person’s life is a collection of these categories but what separates us apart from each other is where we choose to apply our extra time, money and passion. Throughout our lives the categories grow and shrink in their impact on our lives but always there is some space left over for us to choose our extra.  I would argue that the amount of “extra” capacity an individual has is determined by their wealth and the wealth of their community but it is there for all of us. I have become a student and observer of people and how they choose to spend their extras. 

Note: If someone asks you how the see the world, would you be ready with an answer? This is part of mine.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

possible futures

One of my favourite thing about following bloggers is when they pass along one of their own learning moments and share a new concept with us.

Reading Patrick Rhone's web site The Random Post I discovered another Gem that he found.

He point's us to Derek Sivers' concept of "possible futures" where you create a space where you allow yourself permission to brain dump your ideas of a possible timeline for your idea/project/life. I love the idea of giving yourself that safe space to let it out on its own stream of thought not interfering with other things you have on the go.

Maybe you make something of it, maybe you don't, but you don't lose your ideas for future reference.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

6 years

Six years is not a sacrifice when the end goal of the project is something great. Is it?

When an investment of time into someone produces an end result that lasts a life time, how much time do you choose to invest?

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

blog like no one is reading

I write here to share ideas that come up from time to time.

Writing them out helps me to process them. Editing my words, over and over (sometimes not enough)  helps me to further work through the idea and the issues.

I publish it publicly because it is important to leave a legacy of our ideas, even if they are incomplete. That is the true gift of the Internet to this age, the opportunity to share unpolished ideas.

"Should I share my writing, fiction or non-fiction, as well?" You ask.

YES, absolutely, YES! Publish your thoughts, your issues, your complaints and get it out there. The ability to write out our ideas is an amazing part of being human and sharing it with others is the amazing part of being a community.

I should note, that there is one time when I say NO, you should not publish what you write. That one occasion is when you write hate or untruth. Hate is wrong, no matter where or when you are from hate has no place in the world. Writing about or encouraging hate can bring no good.  Untruth also similarly brings wrong to those vulnerable to believing you. Far too much profit is made from people speaking of untruths for personal gain to those vulnerable to believing those ideas.

The future will be a more prosperous place (in the true sense, not the financial) if we all take the time to share ideas. Never stop, never relent, share your ideas.