Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tonight.......The world is in for a climate war as the worlds super powers argue over carbon credits

pollution no more, climate change and global warming are far sexier....

I really don't like fads.
I like the fads even less if they take a good purpose for a needed cause and turn it into a political, corporate, global fad.

human induced climate change or global warming has become just that.

I am sick of it. with all of the hype I feel we are quickly losing the point. it has been called the climate change debate, and we like a good argument, but then the argument was over (I missed the time traveller appearance apperently) and so off they went to solve the big picture climate change problem.

Sadly, we continue to have pollution problems with air, water and the planet. We continue to have health issues linked to the pollution and the chemicals being used. We continue to see over consumption consume our limited resources and make our selfish desires number one. But heh, our politicians (who need buzz word votes), corporations (who need good PR about giving back and change for the good), scientists (who need grants), NGOs (who need grants) they are all happily working away on the action and adventure on the climate change battle.

so what is the answer? stop with the hype, cut the red tape and implement what we know we need to do to reduce our consumption, green the planet, save the species, find the alternates and in future we will see a better benefit than politicians making grand plans.

rant end.

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