Saturday, November 29, 2014

the sandbox has turned into a littler box

The sandbox has turned into a littler box, and no one is cleaning it.

The spammers, the scammers and the politicians are making me believe that our "developed" nations are going downhill, and faster every year.

Are greed driven thrusts getting worse? It seems with every day there is some new scandal, conspiracy or scheme where honest hard working people are being robbed by this conniving group.  Whether through trickery, lies or bad deals (disguised as good deals) we are losing what little personal wealth we have and tax money is going with it.

We are also losing our time that is wasted in filtering through the constant barrage of false faces that are trying to take our money and time spent blocking out their drama to further bring them credibility.

The whole thing stinks and it would seem that the only reason that this group of greedy selfish people continues to get away with it is because our system of governance for our "developed" nation allows their actions to continue long enough that they can get rewards before being shut down.

We seem to allow within our society a sandbox of activity that we accept because we do not want to waste a lot of time policing every little behavior within our countries. When the players in that sandbox stand on the edge and throw sand into our clean(er) space we push them back in or build a wall around their sandbox.

Political parties in power enjoy their sandbox for their term but it would seem that the funding that helped them get into power is also helping to dig tunnels into that sandbox and tear down the walls.

I just need to look to CNN and it would seem that forever there is a headline that proves that the system is reinforced (if not created by) the people who want to abuse the commons.

So, it would seem that I, the person who would have the park shared and cared for all to share and enjoy, will lose to the land developer would would fence it and sell it to a small wealthy contingent. Sound fair? 

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