Wednesday, October 7, 2015

the problem with a label......and democracy

The label states that this product is "fresh", how do you define that?

If you polled your friends, how many definitions of fresh do you think you would get? More than one, I would think.

The problem lies with the label and what it implies.

When we choose a label, or one is assigned to us, associations often come with that label for actions and choices.

If you say you are vegetarian,  then when you eat meat you are a liar?

If you say you are an atheist, then when you go to church you are a hypocrite?

The list would go on and on but the rationale to critize someone based on them not upholding the truth to their label is a ridiculous part of life today.

The worst, WORST, part about how a label affects us is how people participate in a community.  because of their label without thinking first.

That your acceptance of a label would have you blindly following someone leading that label's group so far that would accept a fate for yourself, your children, grandchildren and beyond. 

That your acceptance of that label would mean that you accept that elite, manipulative and selfish peoples would take for themselves that which belonged to the entire community.

This is what happens when you blindly accept a label, without thinking, researching and building a relationship with the people behind it.

Sadly, every four years I see people falling to the trap of labels with politics where the greatest of those amongst the elite and manipulative push to maintain power.


more to come.....

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