Sunday, December 17, 2017

fact or fiction

We have for a long time had The National Enquirers and "Professional" Wrestlers and those that believed that their fiction was real.

Currently though this game to attract readers/viewers and therefore advertising revenue is beginning to emerge as a absolute chaos of capitalism.

Everywhere you turn there are links to content that looks "real" but its fake. Whether purely for entertainment purposes or to cement their beliefs further people are clicking into this content.

What makes matters worse is not only that fiction, pretending to be fact, is ever increase but also that what we once considered journalism is being tainted ever increasingly to compete.

Just like in the TV business ratings make or break careers, profit and earnings. The move views/visitors the better the business, regardless of the lack of truth behind the information. 

Indeed we the people are tracked such that the advertising of the fiction is customized to suit what we will most likely click on.

Government's have stepped aside as the big internet companies leverage that traffic of visitors and viewers  for advertising revenue, shaping the flow for maximum audience retention and profit.

When we watched TV or read a newspaper in the past we were an anonymous consumer of advertising but today everything we do is tracked online and the ever increasing fiction content of the internet is dominating what we consume.

How long before we accept that only what we can feel, touch and taste is truth? How long before those are gone too?

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